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Lutken, C.J., Legendre, G., and Omaki, A. (2020). Syntactic Creativity in Children’s Wh-Question. Cognitive Science. 44(7). E12849.

Lutken, C.J. & Stromswold, K. (to appear). Adults behaving childishly: errors in adult responses to wh-questions. University of Pennsylvania Papers in Linguistics. 30.1.


Lutken, C.J., *Dharmapuri, A., and Stromswold, K. (to appear). Does Telugu have wh-movement?: Surprising findings from native speakers. University of Pennsylvania Papers in Linguistics. 30.1.

November 30, 2023

        Lutken, C.J. What do you think why folks make these mistakes? Cross-linguistic investigation into adult and child errors. Invited          Talk. Syntactic Theory @ Rutgers

January 2023

          Lutken, C.J., & Stromswold, K. (2023). Adults behaving badly: why do you think what that is? Linguistics Society of America              97. Poster.

         Link to poster handout                             


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