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Lutken, C.J., Legendre, G., and Omaki, A. (2020). Syntactic Creativity in Children’s Wh-Question. Cognitive Science. 44(7). E12849.

**January 2023

          Lutken, C.J., & Stromswold, K. (2023). Adults behaving badly: why do you think what that is? Linguistics Society of America              97. Poster.

         Link to poster handout 

October 2022

Featuring undergraduate lead researcher

          Suchojad, J., Lutken, C.J., Stromswold, K. (2022). WH-scope marking in Polish: Jak vs. Co? Linguistics Beyond and Within                Lublin, Poland. Oral Presentation.   

March 2022

            Processing limitations on acquisition of complex wh-questions in German.                                                                                                35th Annual Conference on Human Sentence Processing. Virtual Poster
            Link to poster handout


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