Lutken, C.J., Legendre, G., and Omaki, A. (2020). Syntactic Creativity in Children’s Wh-Question. Cognitive Science. 44(7). E12849.

November 2019

              Syntactic or Something else? What causes systematic errors in children’s production and
              comprehension of complex questions?

              Newcastle University. Invited Talk. 


October 2019                               

              An Introduction to Optimality Theory: Survival of the fit enough                                                                               University of Pisa. Invited Talk. 


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November 2020

             Immature Syntax or Processing? What causes “scope marking errors” in English-Speaking 5-                year-olds?

             BUCLD 45. Boston, MA. Poster

January 2021

            A Cross-linguistic comparison in children’s interpretations of complex questions.                                    LSA 95. Oral Presentation

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