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*All stories are original compositions by C.J. Lutken. Accompanying illustrations were compiled in PowerPoint using art either created by C.J. Lutken or available for free online

Comprehension Task:  

Questions-After-Stories task designed to elicit responses to complex questions from children 3;11 and 6;0

Each story lasted approximately 5 minutes and was followed by a pre-recorded question posed by "Hillary Hippo". 

Evil Steven and Detective Sherry
Future Tense

This is Detective Sherry. She has solved many mysteries against her rival, Evil Steve, but she has never caught him. Today, the Queen's crown is on display at the museum and Sherry is pretty sure that Steve is going to try to steal it. 

Meanwhile, at Steve's office, he IS thinking of ways to steal the crown, but he knows Sherry is very clever and that she will expect that. So Steve has an idea. He's going to tell Detective Sherry that he's going to steal the Queen's ring. That will distract her from the crown. But how can he tell her without getting caught? 

Steve has an idea! He has just invented a new TV machine to tell Sherry what he's gonna steal. The TV machine can put you on people's televisions! Even when the television isn't on! He can use that to tell Detective Sherry what he's gonna steal. 

Pretty soon, back at Sherry's office, the TV turns on! And there's Evil Steve! He says "Foolish Detective Sherry---" But then the TV goes black again! That's so strange thinks Detective Sherry! What was Evil Steve doing on my television! 

Back at Steve's office, you can see the TV machine is broken. There is smoke coming out of it and wires everywhere. He can't use the TV machine to tell sherry anything. But Steve has another idea. He'll write Sherry a letter to tell her what he's gonna steal. He'll deliver it himself to make sure she gets it. 

Pretty soon, a letter arrives at Sherry's office. She's looking at the letter, so she Doesn't see Evil Steve watching at the window. Sherry opens the letter and on it she reads "Foolish Detective Sherry! I am going to steal the Queen's diamond ring and there's nothing you can do to stop me! Hahaha! Evil Steve". 

Oh no! I've got to protect the Queen's ring thinks Sherry! So she runs to the Queen's palace, but when she get's there, the guard shows her that the Queen's ring is fine. It's on her dresser right where it should be. "Oh no!" thinks Sherry! I bet Evil Steve just told me that to distract me from the crown! 

So Sherry runs to the museum where the crown is on display. When she gets there she meets a guard, but the guard says "The Queen's crown is fine. It's inside on the display pedestal right where it should be." But when Sherry gets to the pedestal, where the crown should be, there's nothing there! 

Sherry thinks "hm! That guard looked mighty familiar! And what was in that bag he was carrying? I bet that was Steve in disguise!" So Sherry runs back outside and stops the guard. She makes him take off his hat and empty his bag. In it, she finds the Queen's crown and Evil Steve's outfit and mask. I've caught you Evil Steve, says Detective Sherry. You are going to jail for a long time. 

That's the end! Ready for your question? 

Hillary Hippo: How did Evil Steve tell Detective Sherry what he was gonna steal? 

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