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*All stories are original compositions by C.J. Lutken. Accompanying illustrations were compiled in PowerPoint using art either created by C.J. Lutken or available for free online

Elicited Production: 

Task designed to elicit questions with multiple clauses from children between 3;11 and 6;0

The story is designed to be interactive thus we have "questions at the crossroads": every time characters need to make a decision, the child must ask them what they believe they should do. The story involved much more repetition than presented here, for more details feel free to contact C.J. Lutken 

Our three friends have gone on adventure in the fairy world where they meet "the pink fairy". The pink fairy explains that in the fairy world, we only do whatever most people want. So we will do whatever 2 out of the 3 friends want. The child asks each character what they want to do and they decide to pick apples, in spite of a warning by the pink fairy that these apples belong to a scary witch! 

The witch arrives and banishes the fairy to the human world (she appears as a puppet next to the child). The witch also puts a spell on Dora and explains that now Dora can only talk when the child asks her a question. And the child must work with the fairy to ask the questions! 

The friends decide they better get some help, so they set off down the path. Soon they come across a fairy in a cage! 

The fairy says: "Please help me! The witch put me in this cage. I need something magical to help me escape. It will be small and shiny."

The friends look around. Kermit finds an enchanted ruby! That's small and shiny. Batman finds some pixy dust! That's small and shiny. What can help the fairy? Can you ask Kermit what can help the fairy?

Child: What can help the fairy?

Kermit: I believe the enchanted ruby can help the fairy!


What about Batman, can you ask him? 


Child: What can help the fairy?

Batman: I believe the pixie dust can help the fairy!

Now it's time to ask Dora. Remember, to ask Dora we have to work with the Pink fairy. 


Pink Fairy: Ok, it's starts like this "what do you believe..."

Child: What do you believe can help the fairy?


Dora: I believe the pixie dust can help the fairy, because fairies use it to do magic!  

So Batman gives the pixie dust to the fairy and she uses it to make the cage and blindfold disappear! 

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